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We were blessed indeed

Chickasaw United Methodist Church watched their barriers come down as the church family began to reach out beyond the church walls...

>Chickasaw is a small residential city in Mobile County, Alabama and Chickasaw United Methodist Church sits right in the middle of the city. We kicked off our Faith Action Campaign with the 6 small Bible study groups participating in what would be a life changing adventure. As we gathered together in the small groups each week, barriers came down and the church family began to reach out beyond the church walls. Commitments were made to open the doors of the church for a free soup kitchen and food and clothing distribution for our Faith in Action Sunday. We made a commitment to gather enough food to fill 100 bags to give away, along with homemade soups and clothing. As we neared our FIA Sunday - the food came in abundantly, volunteers stepped up, that had never voluntered before. Our Faith in Action Sunday fell on October 14th - we encouraged all church members to come in casual clothing and shortened our special Sunday morning worship service to prepare for our outreach. As we filled 100 bags - the food kept coming in and we ended up filling 125 bags of food. The doors of the church were opened and we served over 100 people soup and provided them with a bag of food and all the free clothing that they wanted. At the end of day - with 18 bags left - the youth volunteers loaded up our church bus and knocked on doors in a local housing unit and handed folks a bag filled to the brim with food. Not only did our church family reach out, but groups outside our church brought food and clothing to distribute as well. Our community was blessed in so many ways and our church received the most wonderful of blessings as they reached beyond their doors. Other opportunities to reach out were brought forth through Faith in Action and now our church is a Faith in Action church year round and yes, we will be participating in the FIA campaign again this year! What a blessing it is!!!!!

Church Information:

Chickasaw United Methodist Church
108 Lee Street
Chickasaw, AL