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We went to them and served them!

The Bridge Family Worship Center handed out free $10 gas cards, planted flowers, cleaned and pressure washed a Women's center...

On Saturday, October 13, the Smile Gas Station on A1A in Yulee, FL, was bustling with activity. That’s because volunteers from The Bridge Family Worship Center were handing out free $10 gas cards, washing windows and pumping gas for customers on their first Faith in Action work day. The community was deeply moved by God’s love being shared in such a tangible way. One woman had only $3 for gas and cried tears of relief when handed her gas cards. Another couple had just prayed together the night before that God would help them with their finances and they couldn’t believe God was so quick to answer their prayer!

“Instead of just telling our community to come to our church, we went to them and served them,” says Duane Erickson, pastor of The Bridge. More than 70 volunteers from the church participated in three different outreaches on Saturday. In just a few hours, volunteers at Greater Nassau Women’s Services pressure washed the building, planted flowers and cleaned inside the facility. “It was like ants on a hill,” said volunteer Travis Carter speaking about the hard work by members of the team. The project received positive response from JoAnne Conlon, Chairman of the Board for the center, who was thrilled with the results and touched that a church would serve them. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a church reach out the way this church did.”

At the Boys and Girls Club located on the corner of 11th and Indigo Streets, volunteers held a communitywide Family Fun Day. They distributed 1,500 pounds of food, educational workbooks and baby formula to 47 families in need. Volunteers also organized games, sports and activities for the children and youth. Over 100 children participated in a sidewalk Sunday school program to learn how to make good choices in their friendships. The Bridge didn’t let things end when the work day ended. They are already planning future projects to raise awareness of local, national and global needs. “We can all make a difference,” says Erickson, “if we change our focus to others instead of ourselves.” To find out more about The Bridge and the nationwide Faith in Action initiative, visit

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