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Two pastors Reflect on their Church’s FIA Sunday

Embrace Baltimore held a city wide FIA event and here are stories from two pastors in the Baltimore area as they reflect on their church's Faith in Action Sunday...

Rev. Robert A. Mckoy, Pastor: I just wanted to take a moment and thank each of you for coming out and supporting and encouraging our people as we stepped out in Faith and went beyond the walls for Faith in Action Sunday. Spiritually the day turned out to be a monumental success as each participant returned to the church in the afternoon and participated in our celebration service afterwards. The service was supposed to have been a short service but wound up taking nearly as long as our regular services as person after person arose and shared testimonies of what God did that day. 

Looking back, I stand amazed at what God did. I as well as several members of the congregation have a burden to reach the growing Hispanic population in our community. One of the challenges is that only one of us speaks Spanish. On Sunday, we had a young man Gerrardo who spoke no English show up. Never saw him before. Well as I was, walking into the sanctuary this bald guy pulled onto the parking lot and waved at me. Did not recognize him, but figured he was a member of my hair club so I waved back. It was Giovanni a Hispanic man who was a member of CrossWay when we first started six years ago. He left over three years ago and I have not spoken to him since that time. The Lord told him to come to CrossWay that morning and he was there to help communicate with Gerrardo. Praise the Lord! One woman, who visited CrossWay for the first time the previous week, joined us for Faith in Action Sunday and at the end of the celebration, service came forward to join CrossWay.

Yesterday morning we sent a press release to the local community papers sharing what happened during Faith in Action Sunday. Within a half-hour of sending, it out the Editor for the Owings Mills Times called my publicity coordinator to ask several questions. To make a long story short, a few minutes later she called me and asked about the inspiration for this event, our goal for holding this event, and will we do this again. I shared with her many of the testimonies and she is contacting Best Care Assisted Living Center where we ministered to get their feedback. She indicated that it was too late for this week’s edition but she would try and get this along with some pictures on their website and would like to run an article in next week’s edition. She also encouraged us to contact her next year and maybe they will send someone out to cover the event. 

My prayer is that next year in Owings Mills is this will not be a CrossWay event. Imagine if you will if every church in Owings Mils cancelled its services and instead of 56 volunteers going out we mobilized an army of 3,000+ volunteers going out to serve in the name of Jesus Christ. It would be an awesome to the power of Christ with Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, and Lutherans, coming together in the name of Christ and ministering to the needs of the community. I would love to take it one-step further, come back together, and hold one joint celebration service with all of the churches. I am moving forward in faith and will begin setting up meetings with other pastors in this community to make this happen next year. I covet your prayers in this regard. Blessings and peace!  Pastor Robert A. McKoy, CrossWay International Community Church

Rev. David M. Spurrier - Well, as I sit here reflecting on the weekend, I can only think of the wonderful experience we had at Total Praise Fellowship! I wish I could tell you that we had 100% participation and that 100% of our people “got it” but that just would not be the truth! One woman HAD to go to church Sunday morning so she left us. Another thought this was a campaign to invite people to join us at church. But, then there were 4 others, on top of my awesome family, who got it – the simple truth that we connected on a personal level with people in our community!

I wish I could have captured the looks on people’s faces when they realized we were trying to serve them by picking up trash or that we simply wanted to thank them for their work and dedication to serving the people in our community! We ended up being the ones who were blessed by seeing how a little act of love and gratitude could touch the hearts of people around us.

Thank you Embrace Baltimore staff – all of you! IF it were not for your prayers, support and financial assistance, this weekend would have been very different for TPF. You will never know how your faithfulness to the Lord rubs down and encourages people who want to make a difference for the Kingdom!

First, to Darnell and Lily I extend a very warm, heartfelt thank you for heading up FIA and introducing it to us! It was the perfect follow-up for TPF after attending the Doable Evangelism seminar. What an experienced for a pastor to see God’s people getting the idea of touching lives as we live our lives. One woman at TPF said she felt successful as a Christian for the first time in her life – WOW! If the two of you had not brought this to TPF we would never had have such a powerful and life changing experience as well as have touched the community!!!

To Brian, Darnell, Lily ad Maria – thank you for your presence at our events! You were a source of encouragement to TPF. You may not think that was a big deal but you will never know how hearts are encouraged and souls lifted up by your presence. Walking with us, praying with us, picking up trash with us, delivering cakes with us and simply interacting with us – May God bless you 10 times the amount that you were a blessing to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I have not expressed it well (I am not a writer) thank you for being you and for your work to further the Kingdom of God by partnering with TPF!


Rev. David M. Spurrier, Pastor • Total Praise Fellowship

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