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Jesus Shows Up

Red Fork Church of God in Tulsa, OK. The leadership at Red Fork strongly supported the idea of Faith in Action and cancelled their regular Sunday meeting to get the people out serving. Check out their Flickr site @ and their Picassa site @


Jesus Shows Up in Tulsa’s Faith in Action


The volunteers of Red Fork Church of God in Tulsa, OK regularly implement a Faith in Action program in their community; they’ve organized two major initiatives and a “mini” one in the last two years, and they’re planning another one for later this year. The leadership at Red Fork strongly supported the idea of Faith in Action and cancelled their regular Sunday meeting to get the people out serving. Pastor Dale Neace said that of the nearly 260 attenders each Sunday at Red Fork, over 200 signed up to serve at their last Faith in Action event.


Project ideas came mostly from staying aware of the needs in their area. A few teams did landscaping and mowed lawns at homes surrounding the campus. One team brought lunch to the local police department as a thank-you for their service to the community. Volunteers walked the streets and neighborhoods, picking up trash and visiting with neighbors. Red Fork also partners with a local school, so a team painted their outbuildings and landscaped the school grounds. Even the elderly and less-mobile members of the church held a prayer meeting, asking God’s blessings and guidance for the Faith in Action workers.


In all their initiatives, Red Fork volunteers most enjoyed visiting the local children’s hospital in Tulsa. They brought gifts to the children and just “hung out” with them, talking and playing all afternoon. A mother of a patient was particularly grateful for Red Fork’s ministry: her daughter hadn’t responded well to her therapy, but after the volunteers’ visit, the mother saw a significant difference in her daughter’s health. The mother was deeply appreciative of Red Fork’s Faith in Action, and the volunteers vowed to continue their ministry at the hospital into the future.


“When you’re out serving people, you really get a chance to talk one-on-one with them about Jesus and why we’re doing this,” said Pastor Dale. “The idea is to show the community what our Faith in Action is really about—serving and loving the people as Christ loves them.” One woman who was served even began attending the church, just because they had helped and served her so unselfishly. Pastor Dale remarked, “I’m hoping that, when people in the community are looking for a church, they think of Red Fork and know they’ve seen Christ in the people there.”


Pastor Dale also told a story of a project where a home needed extensive landscaping and foundational repair. As the team from Red Fork tackled the job, they found that the next-door neighbor’s home needed just as much work, so the team decided to work on both homes at the same time. As they cleared the overgrown vegetation in the backyard of the second home, a volunteer found a small card deep in the underbrush; on it was a picture of the face of Jesus Christ. Pastor Dale saw the discovery as an affirmation—indeed, when we help others clear away the overgrowth and debris from their lives, we can often find Christ waiting to appear underneath. When people put their Faith in Action, Jesus always shows up one way or another.

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