Faith In Action - Be The Church.

People Take Action

Service Ideas

Practical ideas for your Faith in Action Service project.


  • BASIC NEEDS (food, clothing, shelter, job placement)
  • HEALTH (HIV/AIDS, addiction, pregnancy, disabilities, disease, mental health)
  • CHILDREN & YOUTH (mentoring, camps, childcare, sports/recreation)
  • FAMILY SERVICES (elderly care, foster care, adoption, domestic abuse, parenting)
  • EDUCATION (tutoring, school support, ESL, financial aid, adult education)
  • COMMUNITY CARE (housing repair, construction, environmental care, animal care, the arts)
  • ADVOCACY (legal services, human rights, racial reconciliation, speakers bureau)

Examples of Creative Ways to Help your Community:

  • Donate games and other toys to a children's hospital.
Work with volunteer services at a local children's hospital to provide an organized playtime. Ask hospital personnel to suggest... learn more
  • Create and distribute hospital care packages.
Contact a local hospital or medical facility and coordinate a day to visit with patients and provide care packages and quality time. Gather and organize... learn more
  • Conduct a community health fair.
Organize a health fair in your community to provide free information on preventative health and health care choices. Promote the health fair by... learn more