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Don’t Just Go to Church. Be the Church.

During these hard economic times, many people are in need of help. As a church or small group, you can help your community by serving them in Christ's name. Faith in Action is a campaign that will help your group become outwardly focused and aware of the needs around you. You can make a difference in your community!

Start with a Small Group Kit and let the enthusiasm grow into a church-wide campaign. The energy generated from a Faith in Action service day is contagious, and it will change your group or congregation from the inside out.

When many people gather to serve, it makes a powerful impact in the community; but when many churches or groups gather to serve together, it can change a community. We encourage groups and churches to organize their Faith in Action Sunday to take place on October 11, 2009. You can make a difference by “being the Church” in your community—by serving them.

Below is a list of 13 ways a Faith in Action Campaign will benefit your church!

A Faith in Action Campaign can...

- Change your church from the inside out.

- Change focus to "others" instead of "ourselves."

- Raise awareness of local, national and global needs.

- Create closeness and unity as your church members work side-by-side.

- Deepen spiritual commitment and church involvement.

- Make every person realize that they can make a difference!

- Reach the community through service.

- Build relationships between your church and community organizations.

- Reach unchurched friends by inviting them to come serve with you.

- Improve the reputation of your church in the community.

- Plant spiritual seeds through service.

- Share God's love in a tangible way.

- Move your members from inactive to active.