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People Take Action


Host free ESL ClassesHost free ESL classes for English learners in your community.

Research the demographics of your area to determine the need for English classes for non-native speakers. Develop a ministry plan and establish volunteers. Review curriculum and train teachers, then begin advertising in the community. Foster meaningful relationships between teachers and students, and plan events that provide social and economic resources for non-native English speakers in your community.

Create school tool kits for needy children.

Gather with people from your church and your community to collect, organize and assemble school kits for needy children. Consider presenting statistics about low-income education in both the United States and the world. Pray that children around the world would have access to education, and that they would flourish.

Create a tutoring partnership with a local schoolCreate a tutoring partnership with a local school.

Partner with a local school to provide one-to-one tutoring services on a weekly basis. Assign a director and recruit volunteers to tutor, advertise and work with local school officials. Have church members travel to the school and invest in the lives of community children.

Collect children’s books and organize a story time at your local library.

Work with your church and community to collect new and gently used children’s books for a local library. Work with librarians to help label, sort and place the books. Celebrate the arrival of new books by conducting a “story time” for children in the community.

Conduct a speakers’ forum on an important social issue in your community.

Host a community event with a speakers’ panel to discuss an important community, national or global issue. Offer an opportunity to eat, converse and ask questions. Provide a safe space for community members to share ideas and form friendships.

Host a teacher-appreciation event for a local school.

Work with the school P.T.A., faculty and community organizations to plan an appreciation event for teachers. Coordinate with organizations in the area to provide goodies, and have children write notes of encouragement that acknowledge the influence teachers have had on their lives.

Create an after school center for community childrenCreate an “after school center” for community children.

Make use of an area in your church or another public building in your community to create a safe and fun place for children to go after school. Set up a “quiet area” for homework, a computer lab for research and a game area where children can play.

Conduct a community health fair.

Organize a health fair in your community to provide free information on preventative health care and choices. Promote the health fair by contacting medical facilities, health clubs and organizations for the elderly. Invite demonstrators, vendors from health organizations and community educators.

Host a volunteer fair.

Coordinate with local nonprofit or social service organizations that are in need of volunteers. Plan a community-wide “Volunteer Fair” highlighting different local organizations and opportunities to serve. Encourage vendors to distribute information about their work, and include hands-on activities for children.

Start a career-mentoring program for youth in your communityStart a career-mentoring program for youth in your community.

Work with a local school or after-school organization to develop a career-mentoring ministry. Identify a diverse group of professionals in your church or community who will commit to mentoring students on a one-time or ongoing basis. Work with employers to bring students to their mentors’ job sites, participate in work events and conduct informational interviews with other professionals.

Create college care packages and distribute them to students.

Get permission from a local college or university to distribute care packages to students. Plan ahead by creating a sample package and a list of needed supplies. Ask members of your congregation to donate items, and then come together to assemble and distribute the care packages.

Offer a financial management info session for the community.

Conduct a small group Bible study or series of workshops on the important financial issues of people in your church and your community. Use biblically based materials and principles to help establish financial stewardship, debt elimination plans and financial literacy.

Mentor children in your community.

Connect with a mentoring program in your community (or create your own) and develop relationships with youth in the community that would benefit from a positive role model. Participate in academic, cultural and recreational activities and encourage positive behaviors and choices in their lives.

Conduct a computer driveConduct a computer drive.

Collect used computers and donate them to a nonprofit organization, such as Goodwill Industries, that refurbishes them and donates or resells them to those who may be unable to afford a brand-new computer. Advertise for and host a computer drop-off event to collect used computers from members of your community. Contact electronics stores, local businesses and schools for donations as well.

Provide free musical instruments and lessons for low-income familiesProvide free musical instruments and lessons for low-income families.

Create a team to plan and implement an musical instrument ministry for disadvantaged youth in your community. Contact local musicians, music teachers and music stores to collect instruments and volunteer their time to teach. Work with local schools to sign up qualified students, and reserve a location in your area to conduct music lessons.