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Children & Youth

Fix up old bikes and distribute them to needy chldren in your communityFix up old bikes and distribute them to needy children in your community.

Collect used bicycles from members of your church and community, and set up a restoration shop. Work to sand away old paint, remove rust, replace worn parts and cover with a fresh coat of paint. Present your “new” recycled bicycles to needy children in your community.

Create Caregiver Kits for developing countries.

Organize a small or large group to participate in an assembly-line production of handy kits for World Vision's caregiver network of almost 60,000 who care for chronically ill adults as well as orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries. Engage your community and use it as an opportunity to advocate organizations serving people living with HIV and AIDS and children orphaned because of AIDS.

Create school tool kits for needy children.

Gather with people from your church and your community to collect, organize and assemble school kits for needy children. Consider presenting statistics about low-income education in both the United States and the world. Pray that children around the world would have access to education, and that they would flourish.

Creating a tutoring partnership with a local schoolCreate a tutoring partnership with a local school.

Make a commitment to partner with a local school in providing one-to-one tutoring services on a weekly basis. Assign a director and recruit volunteers to tutor, advertise and work with local school officials. Have church members travel to the school and invest in the lives of community children.

Collect children’s books and organize a story time at your local library.

Work with your church and community to collect new and gently used children’s books for a local library. Work with librarians to help label, sort and place the books. Celebrate the arrival of new books by conducting a “story time” for children in the community.

Make welcome baby kits for low-income mothers with newbornsMake "welcome baby" kits for low-income mothers with newborns.

Put together baby bags filled with diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers, wash clothes, gentle baby soap, hooded bath towels, snap t-shirts, lightweight sleepers, socks and blankets for new mothers lacking the funds to provide for their newborns. Include a short message of encouragement or prayer with the goodies. Donate the baby bags to a pregnancy clinic in a low-income area.

Create an “after school center” for community children.

Make use of an area in your church or another public building in your community to create a safe and fun place for children to go after school. Set up a “quiet area” for homework, a computer lab for research and a game area where children can play.

Organize an ongoing support program for mothers in the community.

Establish regular get-togethers for mothers to take a break, relax and connect with other moms about the joys and challenges of parenting. Provide childcare for mothers and an environment to relax, converse and have fun!

Take disadvantaged children on a community field trip.

Conduct a one-time or ongoing opportunity for low-income or disadvantaged youth to visit a local landmark, park or cultural event. Invite several family members to help chaperone, and include fun activities to make the event memorable for the youth.

Host a quilting or knitting group and donate items to a needy cause.

Find skilled members of your congregation or community to lead regular quilting or knitting groups. Donate your finished products to an organization that provides blankets and clothing for children in need. Invite community members of all skill levels to participate, and use the time to establish friendships and support while helping others.

Mentor children in your community.

Connect with a mentoring program in your community (or create your own) and develop relationships with youth in the community that would benefit from a positive role model. Participate in academic, cultural and recreational activities and encourage positive behaviors and choices in their lives.

Provide free musical instruments and lessons for low-income families.

Create a team to plan and implement a musical instrument ministry for disadvantaged youth in your community. Contact local musicians, music teachers and music stores to collect instruments and volunteer their time to teach. Work with local schools to sign up qualified students, and reserve a location in your area to conduct music lessons.

Host arts and crafts classes with community children.

Volunteer with a local childcare facility to teach simple arts and crafts projects to children. Identify a list of needed supplies, a lead teacher and additional volunteers. Build relationships with children while giving child workers a chance to relax.

Volunteer with a local food bank.

Coordinate with a local food bank to host a food drive, transport donations, re-package food or assist with administrative tasks. Invite the community to participate with you, and include an opportunity to learn about hunger in America and around the world.

Donate games and other toys to a children’s hospital, then organize a playtime.

Work with volunteer services at a local children’s hospital to provide an organized playtime. Ask hospital personnel to suggest recommended games and activities, and then conduct a community or church drive to collect toys, games and other play materials. Schedule group playtimes along with individual time with children who are not able to leave their hospital rooms.