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People Take Action


Conduct a letter writing campaign to create awareness about an important social issueConduct a letter writing campaign to create awareness about an important social issue.

Work with your church and others in the community to collectively write letters to public officials on behalf of special legislation to help those in need. Then host an event in a public community center and partner with other groups in your community that work for social justice.

Create Caregiver Kits for developing countries.

Organize a small or large group to participate in an assembly-line production of handy kits for World Vision's caregiver network of almost 60,000 who care for chronically ill adults as well as orphans and vulnerable children in developing countries. Engage your community and use it to advocate organizations serving people living with HIV and AIDS and children orphaned because of AIDS.

Conduct a speakers’ forum on an important social issue in your community.

Host a community event with a speakers’ panel to discuss an important community, national or global issue. Offer an opportunity to eat, converse and ask questions. Provide a safe space for community members to share ideas and form friendships.

Host a volunteer fair.

Coordinate with local nonprofit or social service organizations that are in need of volunteers. Plan a community-wide “Volunteer Fair” highlighting different local organizations and opportunities to serve. Encourage vendors to distribute information about their work, and include hands-on activities for children.

Host a free car wash with donations going to a needy charity.

Have a group from your church conduct a free car wash for the community. If individuals feel led to donate, let them know that their donations will not be used by your church or group but will instead be given to a needy local, national or international charity chosen by your congregation.

Host a community walk-a-thon or 5K run to raise awareness and funds for an important cause.

Invite church members and others from the community to volunteer and participate in a walk-a-thon or 5K run to benefit a worthy cause. Have participants raise donations from “sponsors” who support their efforts to complete the walk or run. Offer prizes to top finishers, and celebrate the work of the organization receiving support.