Faith In Action - Be The Church.

Churches Take Action

Steps to Success and Timeline

Steps to Success

During your Faith in Action month, your congregation will be inspired, equipped and mobilized to serve. Faith in Action is designed both to make a difference in your church and to help your church make a difference in the community.

The Faith in Action Planning Guide will provide everything you need to plan, prepare and execute the campaign.

Step 1: Decide how your church will engage in Faith in Action. There are three campaign options; your Planning Guide can help you choose which is right for you.

Step 2: Select tools to help prepare your members, create excitement and invite your community to participate.

Step 3: Establish a timeline using your Faith in Action Planning Guide.

Step 4: Launch your Faith in Action campaign.


Suggested planning schedule.

3 months before launch of the 4 week Campaign:

  • Pray for God’s guidance and blessings for your church during the campaign.
  • Assemble a campaign team, including a Campaign Director. Determine the project’s scope and budget.
  • Plan your service projects. Review the Service Idea Section for great ideas!

2 months before launch of the 4 week Campaign:

1 month before launch of the 4 week Campaign:

  • Train small group leaders. Begin registering church members for small groups.
  • Prepare information on service projects for volunteer sign-ups.
  • Begin planning the celebration service.
  • Promote event to community.

2 weeks before launch of the 4 week Campaign:

  • Promote your campaign in your church to build excitement and increase participation.
  • Distribute Participant’s Guides to small groups.

Start the Sermon Series and Small Groups.

4 weeks later, take the church out of the building and into the community to Be the Church.

What happens when a church rethinks its very reason for being?

What occurs when the church stops seeing itself as a building?

Who will be affected when a church closes its doors for one Sunday and serves the community as an act of worship?

Join hundreds of churches across the country and around the world as they collectively open their hearts by shutting their doors—and build bridges to the community as they serve. It’s a four-week campaign that culminates in one glorious Sunday of service.

It’s not just faith... it’s Faith in Action!!