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Faith in Action is a campaign that creates a heart to serve in your congregation. During these hard economic times, many people are in need of some assistance. When groups or churches set out to serve the community, it changes not only the community but the church members as well.

The Faith in Action curriculum teaches the importance of serving, and it creates an excitement within the group or congregation to get out of the church building and "be the Church" to the community. The Faith in Action curriculum culminates in a Sunday (or other service day) when regular services are cancelled, and the entire congregation or group engages in service projects throughout and alongside the community.

1. Get started with a Planning Guide

The Planning Guide will provide you with the tools and resources you need to effectively promote the Faith in Action campaign in your congregation, create excitement, build momentum and increase participation in the campaign and projects.

2. Reach Out

Don’t just speak the Gospel—live it! The Faith in Action campaign is an excellent opportunity to share Christ with people in your community by inviting them to participate in service projects with you!

3. Request Materials

It's easy to become a Faith in Action church. Check out all the FIA Resources that are available to you. It contains everything you need to launch the Faith in Action campaign.

If you're looking for more information to share with your church leadership team, download some resources to share!

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