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Campaign Options And Benefits

John Ortberg

Faith In Action Sunday

Faith  in  Action  is  a  four-week,  church-wide  campaign  that  incorporates  daily  devotional readings,  weekly  sermons  and  small  group  lessons—and  concludes  on  Faith in Action Sunday, when regular services are cancelled and the entire congregation has the opportunity to minister and perform community service. Inviting non-churched people in your community to serve is an important, unique and exciting aspect of the campaign. They will come!

How Your Church Can Put its Faith in Action

The size of your church does not matter. And service ideas are only limited by your imagination. It is recommended that your church focus on more than one project and diversify them. For example, have one project that serves the local community, one that helps nationally, and one that helps globally. Each community will have unique needs that, when met by the God-given talents and passions of your members, will result in a victory for the kingdom.

Choose from three campaign options:

  1. Serve, then worship. After serving on Sunday morning, come back together for an evening celebration to praise God, share stories and take an offering.
  2. Worship, serve, return. Gather on Sunday for worship, then go out and serve. Enthusiasm for the day will increase when you kickoff the project with worship and an offering. After your service project, everyone returns that evening for a celebration and sharing.
  3. A weekend of service. Execute your Faith in Action project on a Saturday and celebrate on Sunday. Be advised, however, that Saturday events will generally draw fewer participants.

Campaign Benefits

For Your Church

  • Increased church attendance
  • Activated membership; changed focus from “us” to “others”
  • Raised awareness of local/global needs
  • Increased church unity
  • Deepened spiritual commitment
  • Introduction of a new and dynamic type of worship
  • A project to which everyone can contribute!

For the Community

  • God’s love displayed in a tangible way
  • Relationships built between your church and community organizations
  • Unchurched friends reached by inviting them to come serve with you
  • Enhanced reputation of the church in the community
  • Spiritual seeds planted through service
  • Real needs met for under-resourced people