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About Faith In Action

Overview and Why

What is Faith in Action?

The Church Has Left the Building...

Faith in Action is a four-week, church-wide campaign that creates an outward focus and a heart to serve in your congregation. FIA culminates in a Sunday where regular services are cancelled, and the entire congregation engages in service projects in and with the community.

Faith in Action is...

  • 29 daily devotionals
  • 4 weeks of small groups
  • 4 sermons/services
  • 1 cancelled worship service, replaced by a day of community service—all wrapped up with an evening celebration.

After three weeks of Faith in Action activities to inspire, empower and mobilize your members, do something courageous. Close the doors of your church and open your heart to your community through a day of service projects involving your entire congregation.

A Faith in Action informational video is available to view.

Download resources to show your church leaders.

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Why Do Faith in Action?

Change Your Church from the Inside Out

  • Change focus to "others" instead of "ourselves"
  • Raise awareness of local, national and global needs
  • Create closeness and unity as your church members work side-by-side
  • Deepen spiritual commitment and church involvement
  • Help every person realize that they can make a difference!

Reach the Community Through Service

  • Build relationships between your church and community organizations
  • Reach unchurched friends by inviting them to come serve with you
  • Improve the reputation of your church in the community
  • Plant spiritual seeds through service
  • Share God's love in a tangible way
  • Move your members from inactive to active

Don’t Just Go to Church. Be the Church.


Faith in Action was forged through a strategic partnership between Outreach, Inc. and World Vision.

Outreach World Vision